Top Ten Favorite Pakistani Foods for SEHRI

By | May 29, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2017)


The holy month of Ramazan is started and that requires a relentless eating routine arrangement for all the rozedars. The sehri is the most essential dinner in Ramazan since that is what one’s body flourishes with throughout the day.

It is basic that you keep yourself hydrated, consume a very much adjusted eating routine and settle on the correct decision of nourishment and beverages during the time for a more beneficial personality and body.

Observing the extreme temperature in Pakistan frizzy with a serious day by day schedule, we propose to you Top Ten Favorite Pakistani Foods for SEHRI to keep your energy levels on point.


Paratha is without a doubt a significant segment of Pakistani Sehris and no Sehri is finished without it. It is a flatbread that is cooked on a level container or tawa with ghee or oil. It is one of the many staple sustenance of Pakistan that can be brought with basically anything from pickle to meat or eggs.



Eggs (Omelette, Half Fry, Full Fry )

Eggs are one of the essential sources of proteins for Pakistanis. They are anything but difficult to get ready and take the base measure of time in the surge hours before Sehri. They are delicious as well as firmly helpful to human health as they are loaded with proteins and basic vitamins. Get them broiled sunny side up or hard bubbled or you could make a cheddar omelet or simply have them with a paratha some tea.




The blessing from Punjab that continues giving! In the singing summer warmth of May and June, lassi looks like paradise in a glass! Lassi is essentially a mix of yogurt, sugar and water however you can have it the way you like it, and include anything in it you like. In any case, the first salted lassi otherwise known as namkeen lassi is a salty exquisite drink which is here and there seasoned with ground or simmered cumin. This yogurt based drink was initially from Punjab yet is presently expended all inclusive with extraordinary joy. Lassi keeps you hydrated and has a cooling impact on your inner organs which is important for survival in the long hot days of fasting.




Vermicelli, ordinarily known as phiyoniyaa is the conventional breakfast of Pakistan in Ramadan. They ought to likewise be known as “Sehri in a hurry” for they can be set up in minutes and are exceptionally nutritious. You should simply drop them in a mug or warm drain with sugar and your Sehri dinner in a container is prepared to pour down the bring forth.




Nihari is the heart-throb of Lahoris as well as it is a dish that is generally appreciated all over Pakistan. The name Nihari originates from the term ‘Nihar mun’ which makes an interpretation of basically to exhaust stomach and along these lines it’s the primary thing you eat in the morning. It might appear somewhat unconventional to have something so substantial this at a young hour in the morning yet it is a mainstream breakfast alternative particularly in Punjab where it is had with garma garam naans.




There is no reason you ought to skip yogurt out from your basic supply list when you go shopping this Ramadan. Yogurt is one of the most beneficial, most delicious and not to overlook one of the lightest things you can have for Sehri. You can have a bowl of yogurt with some sugar and have huge amounts of advantages. The piece of yogurt is completely drain and by having it as the primary feast of the day we get a rich dosage of creature protein. A simple six ounce of yogurt contains around nine grams of protein. Other great considers yogurt comprise of calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-2, and vitamin B-12. Yogurt additionally has a decent measure of “Probiotics” in it, which are cordial microscopic organisms that guide in upgrading our invulnerability and advancing a sound stomach related tract.



Naan Channay

Naan chanay is a standout amongst the most savored nourishment things ever. Chanay is essentially an assortment of chickpeas which are usually alluded to as desi-chickpeas as they are initially from Asia. These chickpeas or chanay have a darker and significantly coarser coat and are developed everywhere throughout the subcontinent. What’s more, naan is an appetizing level bread which is customarily cooked in a mud broiler otherwise known as oven and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The cooking style of chanay changes with the area like in the Sindh district, they are cooked as a plain curry while Punjabi style chanay are made with a zesty curry with a sharp and tart taste and now and again included with potatoes or even chicken. You can have the chanay with either a paratha or roti yet in the event that you genuinely need to appreciate, then a naan is exceptionally prescribed. For sehri, halwa poori channay is very acknowledged as they are sound, low in fats however high in supplements like potassium, manganese and protein.




The utilization of tea in Pakistan, where it is privately known as chai (چائے), is of indispensable significance to its way of life. Its pleasantly the most devoured drink of Pakistan and no feast is finished without it. Pakistani tea is a differing mix of flavor having numerous assortments with respect to the region. For instance, the Kashmiri chai and the Qawaare mainstream in the KPK districts while Karachi inclines toward a more distinctive variant like the masala chai. Punjabis incline toward a rich, velvety measure of doodhpatti. Green tea is additionally getting to be noticeably mainstream and is presented with ginger or cinnamon. Whatever the variation is, tea is one of the essential necessities of Pakistan and no Sehri can be finished without it.

Fruit Milkshake

Organic products are pressed with loads of critical supplements and minerals that give us vitality and help the body work for the duration of the day. Yogurt then again is a probiotic. It keeps up the adjust of microscopic organisms in the stomach related tract and helps the body hold more water. It’s anything but difficult to make and ideal for those occasions when you are hurried in the morning! Simply include your most loved natural products in the blender, yogurt and a touch of sugar or nectar to sweeten it up. Mango, peaches, bananas are only a couple of the natural products in season.



Halwa Puri

Halwa puri is the most mark Pakistani breakfast dish accessible! In spite of the fact that it merits saying that when individuals say ‘halwa puri’ they truly mean halwa, chole ka salan, and aloo ki tarkari all being eaten with pan fried Puris! Not prescribed every day because of its high fat and cholesterol content yet ideal for an end of the week uncommon Sehri.