Paint Splash Effect on Face in Photoshop (All Versions)

By | April 22, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2017)

Paint Splash EffectPaint Splash Effect on Face in Photoshop

In this article, I will teach you how to make Paint Splash Effect on Face in Photoshop.


You can download the brushes that I am going to use from the link:

Paint Splash Brushes

If you don’t know how to install brushes in Adobe Photoshop then You can also watch our tutorial.

How to install brushes in Photoshop (All Versions)

You can create Splash Effect by following the simple steps.

  • Open the image in Photoshop.
  • Unlock the layer by double clicking on it.
  • Create an empty layer by the short key “Ctrl+shift+N” and name it “Layer 2”
  • Fill it with white color by selecting the paint brush.
  • Now select the brushes from tool bar or by short key “B”.
  • Splash it randomly with black brush.
  • Now again create an empty layer by the short key “Ctrl+shift+N” and name it “Layer 3” and fill it with white color.
  • Hide the “Layer 3” for a while.
  • Select “Layer 2” and from the Menu Bar click on “Select” and then click “Color Range”.
  • Make sure that fuzziness is 200% and select the black color by color dropper.
  • Hide the “Layer 2” and open the “Layer 3”.
  • Now invert the selection by short key “Ctrl+Shift+I”.
  • Apply a mask on it from the layer palettes.
  • Now add the new layer above “Layer 0”┬áby the short key “Ctrl+shift+N”
  • Now select the Gradient Tool from the Tool Bar.
  • Apply Gradient.
  • Now apply the layer type from “Normal” to “Screen”.
  • Paint Splash Effect is Ready.

You can watch the video tutorial