MTH601 Assignment No 02 Solution Due Date: 27-11-2017

By | November 27, 2017
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MTH601 Assignment 2 Complete Solution 2017


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MTH601 Assignment No 02 Solution Fall 2017

Question No 1: Marks=05
A company has the following data available for its items:
Demand=10000 units/year
Ordering cost=Rs 20per order
Holding cost=Rs 6.25 per item per year
If no shortages are allowed and the replacement is instantaneous determine:
(a)Economic order quantity
(b)No of orders per year
(c)The optimum annual cost
Question No 2: Marks=05
An item is produced at the rate of 50 items per day. The demand occurs at the rate of 25 items per day.If the setup cost is Rs 100 per set up and holding cost is Rs 0.01 per unit of item per day. Find the economic order quantity and the time between orders assuming that the shortages are not permitted.