ISL201 Assignment No 01 Solution Due Date: 17-11-2017

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ISL201 Assignment 1 Complete Solution 2017



ISL201 Assignment N 1 Solution Fall 2017

Question no 1: (Marks: 10)
Ákhirah or Akhirat(Arabic:الآخرة) is an Islamic term referring to the after life. It is considered to be one of the six main beliefs of Muslims. Akhirah is not name of one event, it is the process of shifting for one Aalam to another and has many stages.
In this assignment, you have to discuss breifly all stages of Akhriah from body’s death till interance of heavens or……. hell (Alayaz u Billah).
Important Note: Your answer should short and to the point. Lengthy and irrelevant
material will be discouraged.
Question no 2: (Marks:5)
Write five major signs of doomsday (Day of Judgment) in the light of Ahadees e Sahehah

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