How To Make Money On YouTube (5 Simple Steps)

By | April 22, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2017)

Make Money on Youtube

How To Make Money On Youtube

In this article, We will teach you how you can make money on Youtube. Making money on youtube is not difficult if you have some skills. Youtube is a Video-sharing Website. In this website you can share your own videos related to almost anything.

There are some rules that you must follow.

  • Make youtube channel.
  • Make videos and upload to YouTube that will gather attention of viewers.
  • If you enable monetization, you can make money at a rate of about $4 or $3 per 1000 views.
  • YouTube offers prospect for content producers to make money and to do that all you have to do is appeal to the viewer attention.


Step 1

Create a Youtube Channel

  • Sign in to youtube by using your gmail account ( and create a channel.


Step 2


  • According to Youtube new policy, New channels must have 10000 views on their videos then they are able to monetize their videos. After 10000 views you will be able monetize your videos and make money.


Step 3

Enable Your Channel for Monetization

  • Sign into your YouTube account.
  • Click your account information from top right and Click “Creator Studio”.
  • From left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  • Enable Monetization.
  • Accept the agreement.
  • If by some means you are unable to allow Monetization for your channel then there could be several reasons. Some of them are mention here: Monetization Is Disabled For My YouTube Channel.


Step 4

Connect Your Channel To Google AdSense

  • After enabling monetization for your YouTube Channel, you need to associate an approved AdSense account with your YouTube account.
  • YouTube Analytics is used to keep track of the earning, which will only be paid if you comply with the YouTube payment threshold.


Step 5

Review Video Criteria and Ad Formats

  • For you to get paid, it is an absolute necessity to meet two criteria:
  1. Video Monetization Criteria
  2. YouTube Advertising Formats


  • YouTube Advertising FormatsOnce your monetized videos are enabled, numerous ads may appear next to your video.


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