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CS508 Assignment 1 Complete Solution 2017



CS508 Assignment No 01 Solution Fall 2017


Question No 1:
Fortran is a general-purpose imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing. It is a popular language for highperformance computing and is used for programs that rank the world’s fastest supercomputers. 
It encompasses a lineage of versions, each of which evolved to add extensions to the language while usually retaining compatibility with prior versions. For given features, Identify versions of FORTRAN in which these features were introduced for first time. Against correct option, fill row with “Yes” or “True”.
5 Marks

Note: “Seven Ages of FORTRAN “review paper by “Michael Metcalf” is attached. Read it for comparison of different versions and attempt question.


1Structured Programming
3Array Programming
5Logic IF
631 Characters Identifier
8Object Oriented
9BLOCK construct
10Operator Overloading

Question No .2
LISP was thought to be good language for development in field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).It was expressive enough for fundamentals of computation. It quickly became the favored programming language for artificial intelligence (AI) research.

a) What was reasoning for this
Preference of LISP for AI (Artificial Intelligence) lessened with passage of time. Other languages also started being used for different domains of AI manipulation. Suppose a research scientist is going to write a thesis. His research area is online education mining. He took data of an Online Learning Management System. He wants to do deep analysis of students’ performance .Different mining algorithms like Neural Networks will be used for analysis of data.
Which Programming language is better LISP or C++ or MATLAB in current paradigm?
(b) List 3 solid reasons in support of better language choices.


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