Color Picker Android Application with Live Capture Feature

By | May 3, 2017
(Last Updated On: July 26, 2017)

color pickerColor Picker Android Application

Color Picker Android Application is the best available color picker application available at Google Play Store. This AppĀ let you pick color from real device, galley image or picture taken from camera. From real device, you can extract color information and don’t need to take picture.

Click to Install Color Picker from google play store.

Other than picking color from real device camera you can also extract color information from image selected from gallery or image taken from camera. You can get the Hexa Code and RGB values of most likely used colors around the globe.

Color Picker Feature

  • Live camera
  • Material Design Layout
  • Capture a photo and detect the color of any touched point.
  • Show RGB values, and Hex Code.
  • Share or email the Hex Code or RGB Values
  • Choose most favorite colors.

You can get the Color Picker Application by clicking here.

How To Use:

  • Launch the Application. You will have two options i.e you can choose image from the gallery to pickup the color code or you can also pick color from live camera.


  • You can pick color from live camera option.


  • Pick color from the live camera feature.


  • Once you select the image from the gallery, then you can pick color by moving the dropper anywhere on image.


  • There is a navigation menu to navigate user.


  • You can check the list of favorite colors in the navigation menu.


  • You can share this Color Picker Application with your friends on multiple platforms.


Install Color Picker Application from Google Play Store.

If you are interested in buying the source code of Color Picker Application, then feel free to Contact Us.

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